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Hello visitor, Welcome to ieltsbackstage , ieltsbackstage is an open platform for anyone to practice English like a language and develop their level of proficiency in English speaking, listening, reading and writing have a better career and better life. Which is why, our slogan is “Perfect practice makes a man perfect.” People of any age or any educational background-school, college, university, business person, job holder, etc.- can come to visit this website and learn how to get good band score. One can learn on any IELTS modules as long as it is not controversial or offending according to the exam. ieltsbackstage is free. We do not charge money to anyone. At ieltsbackstage we strive to develop IELTS score. So why this website ? This website helps you to get more tips or techniques and also help you to practice all modules of IELTS. Firstly, in a Speaking module, there are examples of possible question areas, guidance in topic development and suggestions for useful language. This section has been designed for the requirements of the IELTS Candidates. Secondly, in a Writing module, there are language development exercises which help with planning, and a range of authentic samples answers for the student to assess. This website explores the requirements of IELTS Academic and General Training writing task and targets problem area with hints for improvement. Each of the twelve writing tasks has planning assistance plus a Sample Answer, which generate language activities. Our belief is that IELTS candidates will become better attuned to the type of writing required for the test if they work analytically and interactively with whole sample answers. This website is constant with an inductive approach. Last but not least, Reading and Listening, there are exercises, questions, advice and tips directly related to each menu or page. These researches for IELTS candidates to reach their own decisions as to what the answers in the tests should be. Their step-by-step approach enables students to develop and apply the appropriate processes when answering the questions in the exam. Immediately following both Listening and Reading test sections you will find the IELTSBACKSTAGE. Refer to these pages to help you to analyse yourmistakes and develop strategies for listening to and reading IELTS test Tips and Techniques. Also students may get a lot of information about Reading module. Obviously, if you are working alone you will choose how to use this website, but we would recommend this cordially. This website is an initiative of ieltsbackstage Limited, a Successful Start-up Company of Bangladesh.