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Structural Classification of the English Sentences

There are six (6) types sentences based on structural classification. These are: Simple SentenceComplex SentenceCompound SentenceCompound-Complex SentenceMultiple SentenceMultiple-Complex Sentence. Let us discuss them one after the other: 1.Simple Sentence A simple sentence is one which has one main or independent clause. We also know this clause by the name alpha clause. It …

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List of 50 common synonyms for Improving Your IELTS Score

English Synonyms for IELTS Amazing Incredible, Fantastic, Fabulous, Astonishing, Extraordinary Answer Respond Awful Terrible, Abominable, Dreadful Bad Evil, Spoiled, Imperfect, Infamous, Dismal Beautiful Gorgeous, Ravishing, Dazzling, Exquisite, Stunning Begin Initiate, Commence, Inaugurate Big Huge, Enormous, Gigantic, Humongous, Substantial, Mammoth Break Rupture, Fracture, Shatter Calm Serene, Peace, Tranquil Come Approach, Arrive Cool …

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