Speaking Part 1

IELTS Exam Preparation IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions and Sample Answers Speaking Part 1 Topics IELTS Speaking Part 1 Tips, Techniques and Strategies IELTS Speaking Part-1 Possible Question Topic..

1.Where you live 2.Your studies 3.Hobbies 4.Sports 5.Television 6.Music         7.Reading 8.Email 9.Learning English 10.Writing 11.Hotels 12.Relaxation 13.Outdoor activities 14.Memories 15.Childhood 16.Buildings 17.Museums 18.Clothes 19.School(Primary school) 20.Friends 21.Festivals 22.Meeting new people 23.The sea 24.Computers 25.Collecting things 26.Dancing 27.Learning language 28.Rain 29.Shopping 30.Films 31.Weekends 32.Going out in the evening 33.Animals 34.Healthy eating …

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IELTS SPEAKING MARKING 1.Fluency and Coherence 2.Lexical Resource 3.Grammatical Range and Accuracy 4.Pronunciation 1.Fluency and Coherence (Scored 1-9) GET-6 You need to point out 5 basic things. i.Be able and willing to produce long responses to most questions. ii.Produce a range of different linking words/phrases. iii.Linking phrases are sometimes used …

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IELTS Preparation Speaking part-1

Question Type 1:-Basic Description: 1.Like question 2.Dislike question 3.Type question 4.How often question 5.WH question 6.Yes No question 7.Would question 8.Double choice question 9.Advantage question 10.Disadvantage question 11.Childhood question 12.Important question QUESTION TYPE 1:- BASIC DESCRIPTION Common problem with this type of question and solution Look at the example answer:- …

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